I only stock the best quality wadding. This ensures a top quality quilt to the very end.


2.4 metre wide wool/poly $19.80 per metre.

This wadding is made in SA and has a higher wool content than poly and has a low shrinkage rate and is fully machine washable, it is my personal favourite as it gives the quilts puff where it needs it and really defines the quilting.

3.1 metre wide wool/poly $27.95  per metre.

For all of those really big quilts.

2.4 metre wide bamboo $23.95 per metre.

This wadding is very soft and is lovely to quilt with, it is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals so it is perfect for those with allergies.

2.4 metre wide charcoal wool/poly wadding $26.95 per metre.

This is perfect for those darker quilts.

2.4 metre wide cotton wadding $22.00 per metre.

A lightweight wadding that is soft and great for those summery quilts.

2.4metre wide wool wadding $29.95 per metre.

This is a thinner loft wadding but has the warmth factor for those chilly winter nights.

I am happy to use your wadding if you would prefer but I can not guarantee the result until I look at your wadding, which I am happy to do.