Quilt Preparation for Long arm machine quilting

There are a couple of things that you should be aware of to ensure that you get the best possible end result to your quilt.

This is applicable to all quilts even if you are quilting them yourselves.

Backing and wadding for machine quilting

All of your seams should be pressed as flat as possible.

The front of the quilt should also be pressed, do this by pressing all over (not dragging with the iron)

Borders need to be measured and squared up so that you will end up with a square quilt. (should  you need help in this area feel free to ring me or call in and I am happy to assist you, I run classes on attaching your borders and binding, so check out my website for class schedules).

Both your wadding and backing need to be at least 3”  wider and higher than you quilt top all around on every side.  See diagram.

I can measure your quilt top and provide free no obligation quotes.