All over quilting or edge to edge quilting is by far a more cost effective way to have your quilt tops finished off with a professional appearance.

I like to use variegated threads if that is what your quilt needs. I also like to use a different colour on the top and bottom of your quilt to get the best result. There is no extra charge for either of these choices.

With approx 400 quilting patterns available to choose from, I can help you decide which pattern will best suit your quilt.

For the less complex quilting patterns pricing starts at $3.50 per square foot and then they go up in price to the more complex patterns. I do not charge more than $5.00 per square foot for any of the patterns that I have, as I try to keep pricing reasonable. I do not charge extra for thread or set up fees.

Each quilt is different in size and I charge on the finished product as this is always slightly smaller than when first measured as the quilting pulls the quilt in a little.

See the scenario below to work out how much your quilt will be quilted. Start by measuring your quilt in width and height from the edges of your borders, do this in inches.

70” x 70” = 4900 sq in
4900 sq in/144 sq in = 34.02 sq feet
34.02 sq feet x $3.50 = $119.09

Quilting cost $119.09